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Did you know that 94% of users plan to purchase products and services from businesses they follow on Twitter?

How can Twitter help my business? I was asking the same question until recently.

What is Twitter and what does it do?  Twitter-  now being made even more famous by one US president –  is an often under-utilised tool, which, when used properly- can result in better interaction with clients and an increase in sales.

Is it really worth investing time and energy into Twitter? Isn’t it only for breaking news and gossip? Actually- Twitter is an important tool for promoting your business.

There are hundreds of millions of Twitter users with over 500 million Tweets being sent each day. Twitter offers great opportunities for businesses, and small business with limited resources, to reach a vast audience.

Regardless of what type of business you have, you can utilise Twitter to build connections. These connections can lead to better relationships with customers resulting in increased awareness and sales.

Twitter statistics suggest that 66% of users have discovered a small-to-medium business on Twitter. With 94% having plans to purchase products and or services from businesses they follow. And 69% having already purchased from a business on Twitter.

Many small business owners haven’t fully comprehended the power of Twitter to discover, intereact with and  convert customers. Here are four ways that you can use Twitter to do just that:

1) Find new customers- search twitter to find customers who are having issues that you can solve

2) Tweet- send short snippets of information out about your products and services

3) Align with experts- associate yourself with experts to increase your exposure

4) Track and measure your results to improve on what works

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