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Minlaton Bakery- Our featured business today

Our feature business today is the fabulous Minlaton Bakery, at 32 Main St, Minlaton 5575. Find more information on Minlaton Bakery in our online business directory. Visit the bakery for lunch or a coffee- a great place to meet and a place also to work.

What does your business do? 

We are a Bakery Cafe specialising in fresh breads and pastries. Our sourdough breads are very popular, as are our pasties.

We have a great space to eat in. We also do coffee and gelato and our aim is to offer fast and efficient service with a smile.

Why did you set up business on the Peninsula?

We came to the peninsula and saw the potential that taking over the existing bakery offered.

We knew we could make a difference to the town and that the area deserved a warm and welcoming place to come and sit for a coffee and cake.

What do you like about running a business on the Peninsula? 

The locals have been wonderful in supporting our business and are appreciative of what we have been able to do for the community.

What is the main thing that you struggle with in business on the Peninsula? How have you or do you overcome this? 

Our main problem has been finding qualified staff to help in baking. We have tried to give them enough incentive to make them stay.



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