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Minlaton Bakery- Our featured business today

Our feature business today is the fabulous Minlaton Bakery, at 32 Main St, Minlaton 5575. Find more information on Minlaton Bakery in our online business directory. Visit the bakery for lunch or a coffee- a great place to meet and a place also to work.

What does your business do? 

We are a Bakery Cafe specialising in fresh breads and pastries. Our sourdough breads are very popular, as are our pasties.

We have a great space to eat in. We also do coffee and gelato and our aim is to offer fast and efficient service with a smile.

Why did you set up business on the Peninsula?

We came to the peninsula and saw the potential that taking over the existing bakery offered.

We knew we could make a difference to the town and that the area deserved a warm and welcoming place to come and sit for a coffee and cake.

What do you like about running a business on the Peninsula? 

The locals have been wonderful in supporting our business and are appreciative of what we have been able to do for the community.

What is the main thing that you struggle with in business on the Peninsula? How have you or do you overcome this? 

Our main problem has been finding qualified staff to help in baking. We have tried to give them enough incentive to make them stay.



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What is a business network? Should you be part of one?

We have spent a lot of time talking about the Yorke Peninsula Business Network, but we have not really identified what a business network is. Or why, as business owners, it is essential that we are part of a business network.

A business network is a type social network is developed to help businesspeople connect with other entrepreneurs to further each other’s business interests. Business networking is a more cost effective way of generating new business, because it is a low cost activity that involves more personal commitment than company money.

With a formal business network, members should meet at least monthly to share information, exchange business leads and make business referrals to fellow members. To complement this business activity, members often meet on their own time, and build their own business relationship with fellow members, outside of the formal networking event.

Many businesses use networking as a key factor in their marketing plan. It helps to develop a strong feeling of trust between those involved and play a big part in raising the profile of a business. Businesses often seek suppliers from those within their network. A formal business network develops a supportive environment for all businesses involved.

The basis of a business networking organisation is to share business experience, share business and support and develop each other so that all member businesses can grow. Working together builds stronger and better relationships. There is plenty of business, plenty of opportunities, plenty of ideas and plenty of experience. It is really important in any community to ensure that these ideas and experience are shared so that they can be capitalised upon.

Not having a local chamber of commerce of other formal business development /business networking organisation close at hand, the YP Business Network was formed to develop confidence and strengthen linkages between businesses on the Peninsula through education, training, networking and mentoring.

Our objective is to support and enhance the local economy by capitalising on existing local resources. We hope to share the experience and ideas between members and local businesses and grow our businesses together.

The Yorke Peninsula Business Network (YPBN) aims to:

  • Connect people with local experts to seek advice and build networks
  • Connect people at a mutually convenient time to allow them to work ‘on’ their business
  • Connect people with like minded interests in a social environment
  • Develop a deeper skill base on the Peninsula
  • Generate knowledge of existing local businesses
  • Promote the use of local businesses
  • Build a depth of resources to provide assistance to YP based businesses

We should ensure that as businesses, employers, entrepreneurs and consumers, we spend money locally. Spending money in the community not only contributes to the local economy and provides more employment opportunities, but it also shows that you support and believe in the local economy. We need to ensure that we support our local economy so that it stays vibrant, and functioning.

The  YPBN will provide this local support via:

  • relevant learning opportunities for local businesses via local and national presenters,
  • networking and relationship building opportunities
  • support and mentoring to new and existing business owners/managers in a friendly, yet professional environment
  • knowledge of local businesses who can assist with business issues
  • business promotion opportunities

Are you part of your local business networking organisation? Should this be something that you focus on?

Book now to attend our regular monthly networking event where we discuss the YPBN.

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Our Feature business: Tuckfields Conveyancing

We are delighted to promote businesses that are bringing their support and specialist knowledge to regional areas. This week, our feature business is Tuckfields Conveyancing  who have opened an office at 25 Taylor Street Kadina, as well as their principle offices at 31 Lansdown Terrace, Vale Park. Find Tuckfields in our business directory.  

What does your business do? 

We are a team of Registered Conveyancers, experienced in residential and commercial transactions as well as land divisions and community title applications.

Why did you set up a business on the Peninsula? 

For several years, Tammy Edwards and Miriam Errington have been delivering mobile conveyancing services to the Copper Coast and Yorke Peninsula regions. However, due to the strong relationships they have developed and an expanding client base, they knew that sourcing a office premises was their next logical move.

What do you like about running a business on the Peninsula? 

Both coming from a rural upbringing, Tammy and Miriam love the tight knit community spirit of the Peninsula towns. They bring their specialist knowledge to the regions and love to be able to take the stress out of transacting property by providing great customer service.

What is the main thing that you struggle with in business on the Peninsula? How have you or do you overcome this? 

Although we haven’t been operating on the Peninsula for long, we are dedicating a lot of time into spreading the word that we are up and running in Kadina through lots of innovative advertising!

Do you have a business special for this week?

To celebrate the operation of our Kadina office, we are offering 10% off our conveyancing services.


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Our Business of the Week – Inspire & Inform

Inspire & Inform

The Wellbeing Hub, 42 Stansbury Road, Yorketown SA 5576

What does your business do?

Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP), a proven and potent method for transformation and change, is used with various human change technologies, enabling clients to see how they can improve any area of their lives, accelerate their results and have the success they have always wanted. Inspire & Inform by Cherry Farrow is the ultimate organisation through which to harness that power, clarity and inspiration.

Why did you set up a business on the Peninsula? 

Initially set up to allow clients to achieve and become educated in weight loss, the business whilst still doing weight loss, has changed to also provide training for clients to train and become Practitioners in NLP, NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy(R).

What do you like about running a business on the Peninsula?

Where you run a business from is not as important now with the technologies you have. We have clients that we consult with via Skype, Face Time etc on a regular basis, with equal success to face to face clients.

For a family/ life/ work balance, it works well also.

For our training’s, clients book accommodation locally, purchase foods locally and often return with their families for holidays afterwards. The country atmosphere allows clients to fully immerse themselves into their training without outside influences.

What is the main thing that you struggle with in business on the Peninsula? How have you or do you overcome this?

Not sure really. Some issues early on for the set up meant meetings face to face in Adelaide with website developers, so travelling was required. Once the NBN becomes available the issues with internet coverage and speed should be overcome.

Do you have a business special for this week? 

3 Day Modern Hypnosis – train to be a hypnotherapist, or to learn self hypnosis.  $495  Friday 29th – 31st July.

Design Your Life NLP Practitioner 7 day Training – outcome 4 certifications at Practitioner level – $2995
June 18th – 24th OR  August 20th – 26th

All trainings at The Wellbeing Hub, 42 Stansbury Road, Yorketown SA 5576
Contact Cherry or Karen to book.

Cherry will be speaking as a YP Business Network Guest at the Wellness Hub on Thursday the 14th of April at 7 PM. Cherry will talk on managing a change in direction for your business and how ‘inspiring’ and uplifting this can be.

Come and work ON your business rather than just in your business.

Book now for this exciting event.