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Police Credit Union- Yorketown Branch – Our Business in Focus!

Our feature business this week is the Police Credit Union in Yorketown- with such great interest rates available it is an incredible time to check out our local credit union. The Police Credit Union is located at 15 Warooka Rd, Yorketown and more information can be found on their website.

What does your business do? 

We are the only credit union on the Yorke Peninsula and pride ourselves on customer service.  We have some of the best home loan and personal loan rates and a personal banker who offers a virtual branch in a car offering most services except cash transactions all over the peninsula

Why did you set up business on the Peninsula?

19 years ago the directors saw the need for a credit union in Yorketown, offering excellent customer service and competitive interest rates.

What do you like about running a business on the Peninsula? 

Developing close relationships with customers and working with them to achieve their goals and dreams.


What is the main thing that you struggle with in business on the Peninsula? How have you or do you overcome this? 

Raising awareness of the Yorketwon branch on the wider Peninsula. We overcome this by getting out and about with the branded car. 

Do  you have a business special for this week? 


The Police Credit Union currently have very competitive home loan  and personal loan rates.

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What is a business network? Should you be part of one?

We have spent a lot of time talking about the Yorke Peninsula Business Network, but we have not really identified what a business network is. Or why, as business owners, it is essential that we are part of a business network.

A business network is a type social network is developed to help businesspeople connect with other entrepreneurs to further each other’s business interests. Business networking is a more cost effective way of generating new business, because it is a low cost activity that involves more personal commitment than company money.

With a formal business network, members should meet at least monthly to share information, exchange business leads and make business referrals to fellow members. To complement this business activity, members often meet on their own time, and build their own business relationship with fellow members, outside of the formal networking event.

Many businesses use networking as a key factor in their marketing plan. It helps to develop a strong feeling of trust between those involved and play a big part in raising the profile of a business. Businesses often seek suppliers from those within their network. A formal business network develops a supportive environment for all businesses involved.

The basis of a business networking organisation is to share business experience, share business and support and develop each other so that all member businesses can grow. Working together builds stronger and better relationships. There is plenty of business, plenty of opportunities, plenty of ideas and plenty of experience. It is really important in any community to ensure that these ideas and experience are shared so that they can be capitalised upon.

Not having a local chamber of commerce of other formal business development /business networking organisation close at hand, the YP Business Network was formed to develop confidence and strengthen linkages between businesses on the Peninsula through education, training, networking and mentoring.

Our objective is to support and enhance the local economy by capitalising on existing local resources. We hope to share the experience and ideas between members and local businesses and grow our businesses together.

The Yorke Peninsula Business Network (YPBN) aims to:

  • Connect people with local experts to seek advice and build networks
  • Connect people at a mutually convenient time to allow them to work ‘on’ their business
  • Connect people with like minded interests in a social environment
  • Develop a deeper skill base on the Peninsula
  • Generate knowledge of existing local businesses
  • Promote the use of local businesses
  • Build a depth of resources to provide assistance to YP based businesses

We should ensure that as businesses, employers, entrepreneurs and consumers, we spend money locally. Spending money in the community not only contributes to the local economy and provides more employment opportunities, but it also shows that you support and believe in the local economy. We need to ensure that we support our local economy so that it stays vibrant, and functioning.

The  YPBN will provide this local support via:

  • relevant learning opportunities for local businesses via local and national presenters,
  • networking and relationship building opportunities
  • support and mentoring to new and existing business owners/managers in a friendly, yet professional environment
  • knowledge of local businesses who can assist with business issues
  • business promotion opportunities

Are you part of your local business networking organisation? Should this be something that you focus on?

Book now to attend our regular monthly networking event where we discuss the YPBN.

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Feature business this week:Carlie Rees Custom Designs

Our feature business of the week this week is Carlie Rees Custom Design at 414 Johnson Rd  ArdrossanFind Carlie in our Business Directory

What does your business do? 

We do printing, promotional and signage. From Logo design right through to printing, all in house.

Why did you set up a business on the Peninsula? 

I already have a shop in Mildura which has been in operation for 8 years and when I met my partner, I decided to move and start up on the Peninsula as well

What do you like about running a business on the Peninsula? 

The area is amazing and I love bringing new products to an area that aren’t already easily available. I love people’s reactions when they see their finished product all made here locally.

What is the main thing that you struggle witn in business on the Peninsula? How have you or do you overcome this? 

Freight is my biggest issue, the cost of being rural and turnaround times are difficult also. Sometimes taking up to 5 days for stock to arrive. Which we just set longer turnaround times for anything that needs to be ordered in such as clothing so we can get it in then printed on time.

Do you have a business special for this week?

This week we are offering 10 stubby holders for $50! Including set up and design.


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The benefits of listing in a local Online Business Directory

Last week, I needed to locate a phone number I did not as yet have stored in my phone. I had a Client who had booked in for an information session but who had not yet arrived a few minutes after the starting time. I googled their phone number to give them a call.

The first page that returned in the search was this clients listing in the YP Business Network business directory. I could call them directly from the listing.

This directory is an online business directory specifically for businesses located on the Yorke Peninsula.

Apart from ranking very high in the search, there are many other benefits of listing your business in a local online directory.

  1. Advertise your business– it is one of the most effective ways to advertise your busienss, particularly when you have little or no online presence.
  2. Improve your brand– provide your company name, address, photos and contact details and include a review of your business- start to build trust – be easy to find and clear in your message.
  3. Easy to find– 70% of the population prefer to search online for a local business- if you are not listed online you cannot be found.
  4. Affordable-listing in an online business directory is simple and cost effective- you can list your business and start to build an online presence for very little outlay. You can list your business add your key words and begin to develop your online presence

List your business in the YP Online Business Directory for only $50. The business directory contains all your contact details and each page is categorized to maximize search engine optimization -making your business even easier to find.

List your business before the end of June and go into the draw to win a a membership to the YP Business Network. As well as a listing in the business directory, membership to the business network provides you with access to business mentors, business information, 2 member priced ticket to every event, monthly networking and training opportunities and contact with like minded people on the Peninsula. The winner will be drawn on the 6th of July.

For more information on the business directory please contact Nadia on 0419176040 or visit our website.

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Our feature business of the week- Forbes Wealth Planning

Our business of the week this week is Forbes Wealth Planning at 15 Warooka Rd, Yorketown, SA, 5576. Find Neale in our business directory.

What does your business do? 

We undertake financial planning with our clients- we look to include Wealth creation, Centrelink, Superannuation, Retirement planning, and Life Insurance in our strategies.

Why did you set up a business on the Peninsula? 

It was a lifestyle decision taking into consideration the quality of life for my family.

What do you like about running a business on the Peninsula? 

Given that I can look at a screen anywhere thanks to cloud technology, I can run a thriving financial planning practice in multiple locations from a beautiful location.

What is the main thing that you struggle with in business on the Peninsula? How have you or do you overcome this?

The lower socioeconomics of the region means that the financial planning opportunities are a bit limited. The public are hard to reach in that I have been financial planning for twenty years, but not many people know what I do.